Amarr vs Chi Garage Doors: 8 Mazor Differences

There are many garage door manufacturers in the market right now to choose from. But, if your mind is stuck between choosing Amarr or Chi, I have got to say that you have got an amazing taste. Yeah, you heard it right!

Needless to say that both Amarr and Chi are one of the best and most well-known companies in garage door history. That is because both companies offer top-notch and stunning-looking garage doors.

But, if you are confused about which one to choose between Amarr and Chi, then this guideline is for you. In this article, I’m gonna help you find out the best garage door that will best fit your needs. So, let’s get started!

Amarr vs Chi Garage Doors

Chi Garage Doors

Chi garage doors began their journey in Arthur, Illinois, in 1981. Chi started a long time after Amarr but they both are equal rivals now. It is because they ensure top-notch quality, craftsmanship, and overall great value for the money you pay.

For 41 years, besides ensuring quality garage doors, Chi doors are also known for their amazing warranty which lasts for years, making them stand out in the crowd.

Chi has five factories located in Arthur where they craft these all-time favorite garage doors. They use their best man and machine for their work.

Chi garage doors have different niches like residential and commercial. They have a contemporary collection that includes planks and skyline flush doors.

Chi also offers a carriage collection and timeless collection including an overlay carriage house, raised panel, and tamped shaker doors and these are made of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr started their journey in 1951 in North Carolina. It has been growing for 68 years with a massive amount of experience and customers.

They have been ruling the garage door industry from the beginning with their quality and fame. This company always comes up with something new and unique.

Amarr has two manufacturing factories in the United States from where they run their business.

Moreover, 3000 dealers and some major retailers sell Amarrs products which is a huge amount in the garage door industry. Just like Chi garage doors, Amarr also offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

They produce garage doors to be used in residential, and commercial areas. They offer different styles including carriage house doors, traditional types, and specialty types, as well.

These types also have many specifications like carriage court, oak summit, horizon vista, Olympus, and many more. And, which are made of steel, aluminum, and wood.

They also offer customization options to their customers so you can make your doors according to your needs and tastes.

Amarr Vs CHI Garage Doors

Now, let’s compare the amarr and chi garage doors differences to help you make your final decision with ease. Here we go:

Difference 1. Design

Amarr doors are more suitable than Chi doors in commercial and residential areas because of their attractive design. Compared to Amarr, Chi doors are less attractive and less suitable for these places.

Difference 2. Customization

If you are trying to buy a custom-designed door, Chi is the best option to go for. Chi doors have a better customization policy than Amarr doors. Buyers can meet their designer online and tell them what kind of design they want and how much it will cost.

Difference 3. Warranty

In this matter, Chi provides a lifetime warranty on most of its doors. However, Amarr’s warranty is dependent on the door. They provide a 5–10 year warranty on maximum doors and a 1-year warranty on custom-designed doors. Amarr also ensures a lifetime warranty on some doors. So, regarding the warranty, Chi wins.

Difference 4. Corrosion-resistant

What’s more, every model of Chi door is paintable and corrosion-resistant. However, some models of Amarr doors are not corrosion-resistant and paintable.

Difference 5. Insulation

Amarr’s steel doors are less insulated because they use less fiberglass. Remember, fiberglass is used to hold the temperature. On the other hand, Chi doors are more insulated and can keep the temperature the same in the house.

Difference 6. Installation

Amarr garage doors require professional installation. They do not let the customers do it on their own. Somehow, Chi garage doors are simple to install and come with a manual. So, if you want to install it, you can do it yourself without any hesitation.

Difference 7. Company Reputation

If you are looking for the oldest and most reputed company, Amarr is the name. Amarr was founded in 1951 and compared to Chi, it is older and has more renown in garage door history.

Difference 8. Price

Now you may ask how much do these beautiful garage doors cost? Mind you, door costs can be different according to the size and place.

So, let’s start with the price range of the Amarr garage doors, and then we will compare it to the price of Chi garage doors.

Amarr’s Stratford ST1000 8′ x 7′ 8′ x 6’6 garage door is the cheapest door with the price starting from around $350 to $400 which is their smallest model.

On the other hand, Chi’s 25 ga hallow 8′ x 7′ 8′ x 6’6 costs $814.57 which is the cheapest of them. So, we can easily see that Chi garage doors cost more than Amarr’s.

Top Garage Door Brands

Except for Amarr and C.H.I, there are plenty of garage brands available out there in the market. If you don’t want to buy Amarr or Chi, then you can choose one from them. So, in this part, we will discuss some of the top garage door manufacturers. Here we go-

1. The Overhead Door

This company produces commercial and residential doors made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. They offer customers customization options so you can choose your preferred design and color and the specific size of your door.

What’s more, you can choose the doors by using their app and also try 3D models for your house to choose the ideal one. With their service, as you can ensure the safety and elegance of your garage, it is a good choice for you.

They also offer physical support within 24 hours. Services like broken cable, spring repairing, roller and suction replacement, fire door inspection, etc are provided instantly.

2. Midland

This is another garage door manufacturer based in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. You can choose from their variety of models like ranch, classic view, flush, and full view doors.

They also come with a wide variety of colors and designs which will create a good impression on the viewers. Apart from that, their doors are made of steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum which last longer than other elements.

To discover unique and impressive garage doors, make a visit to their website. The buyer’s feedback about their products is impressive as they ensure quality and provide quick customer service.

3. Northwest Door

As the name says they are located in the pacific northwest. If you are specifically searching for insulated doors, check their R-value doors. This manufacturer offers fifteen garage doors that are made of steel, wood, and aluminum.

Moreover, they provide 24 hours of customer service to improve the quality. If you have any questions about the price and quality, you can just contact them easily through their website.

Along with garage doors, they provide garage opening accessories which you can buy separately, as well.

4. Hormann Garage Doors

Hormann garage doors are located in Germany but they are in great demand in America. They come with different doors like side sliding sectional doors, garage side doors, roller garage doors, and sectional garage doors.

More importantly, they keep their focus on sustainability more than anything. But, that doesn’t mean that they look terrible.

Plus, they offer amazing designs and unique customizations of your choice, too. Hence, if you are searching for sustainable garage doors, this can be the best bet for you.

5. Martin

Martin provides both residential and commercial doors made of high-quality glass. They are located in Utah where they manufacture these doors.

Since they emphasize customer safety, they created a different and unique mechanism that will protect your fingers while opening or closing the doors. That’s cool, isn’t it?

On top of that, Martin also offers a lifetime warranty for torsion springs and lift cables. There are seven unique door models to choose from. Therefore, if you are searching for quality glass doors,  you can explore their collection on the website.

Amarr vs C.H.I. Garage Doors – Key Takeaway

Well, there you have it, people. In this amarr garage doors vs c.h.i. garage doors guide, I’ve discussed the pros and cons as well as the prices and sustainability of these two-door types.

To sum it all up, Chi offers more warranty than Amarr. On the other hand, Amarr garage doors are cheaper than Chi doors.

Amarr has been ruling in this industry longer than Chi doors and has more reputation and fame. So, now it is up to you which one you want to buy.

I recommend that if you want to buy a high-quality door along with a service warranty, then you can consider purchasing Chi doors. But, if you want cheaper doors with good quality, you can give Amarr doors a go.

Thank you so much for dropping in today, you guys are the bee’s knees.

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